Company Profile

At LPMachinery we channel our passion and experience gained throughout the years to design and build state-of-the-art equipment praised by our valued customers world-wide. Using our proprietary state of the art technology, our focus is to develop and build the best machines on the market while reducing our environmental footprint through our Green Initiative. We believe that thinner films translates to less waste, therefore going ‘thinner’ means going ‘greener’.

We are industry pioneers in stretch film technology thanks to our extensive R&D initiatives focused on every design and production detail. Our experienced design team is always working on solutions that increase productivity, reliability and finished product quality. At LPMachinery, quality is our benchmark. All our standard components are sourced from industry leading suppliers. Our engineering team assures our valued customers that all our machines are assembled to strict industry standards, rigorously inspected and tested prior to delivery.

We are not merely machine builders, we consider our customers to be our partners. Our relationship does not end upon delivery…it’s when it begins. Customer satisfaction is important to us. Our top-tier after sales service assures customers that technical support and readily available parts and service are only a phone call or click away.

Our engineering team is always ready and willing to work with our customers on developing new or improving existing stretch film solutions.